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Don’t just take our word for it

“The Black Belt Prep with Loretta gelled the prior learning I had done in a few short hours. Loretta employed a variety of different learning techniques that helped me embody the material in a way that I had not done before. I felt very ready and excited about Black Belt after spending time with Loretta. I stepped into Black Belt with my mastery hat on!”

Kristie Bryant, Nia Black Belt, Nia 5 Stages Certified, Co-Owner NiaMoves in Houston, TX

“Loretta Milo’s Inspiration routine last night at Studio Soma ranks in my Top 10 favorite Nia classes ever. When you consider I’ve been in attendance at (conservatively) over 1,200 Nia classes, that’s pretty spectacular. And it was all that :)”

Aimee Van Ausdall

“Loretta is a gifted coach and a dynamic coach instructor.  She personalized her training in such a way that the experience was tailored to participants ‘ personal and professional needs.  I appreciated that she demonstrated high expectations while also being patient and encouraging…”

Joanie B, San Antonio, TX.

“How has Loretta Milo’s coaching helped me? Let me count the ways.

I am a Nia instructor who lives in three places. I always felt I was behind and catching up when I would go from one home to the next….finding a place to teach, setting up classes were always challenging for me. Loretta’s guidance gave me the skills I needed to schedule ahead and make choices that made my transition from place to place much smoother. She encouraged me to start my website that allows my students to keep in touch with me no matter where I am. I now have studios contacting me to have classes when I’m in their area.

It was with Loretta’s guidance that helped me conceive my first ‘Women, Wellness, Wildflowers Weekend’. She gave me the tools to bring that dream into reality.

Loretta’s gentle coaching methods allowed me to see my potential and put me on the right road to continue my journey.”

JoAnn Scott

“Loretta’s voice alone, made me feel comforted and trusting. She has a very calm and soothing way of going about her coaching. She also starts with an exercise that really helped me to relax and focus. She offered great SPOT ON input that got right to the issue I was dealing with.”

Kelly Weaver

“Loretta Milo has been my life coach for the last year and a half. Our work together has helped me create a life that is peaceful and grounded with a clarity that I have been seeking for a long time. My heart has been longing for some solitude and a break from the busy lifestyle that I had been living and knowing that I didn’t fit into. With Loretta’s intuition and gentle guidance I found the courage to live my life according to my heart’s desire. I can’t ask for a better gift than that. I am very thankful for the guidance and nurturing Loretta has provided me with her coaching talents. I would highly recommend that anyone who is looking to make changes in their life to work with Loretta. You won’t find a better teammate in creating the life you want.”

Brenda D