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Workshops Offerings

Loretta offers various Nia Workshops. Here is a list of what she currently offers. Check out the Events page to check any upcoming workshops or contact her about her future workshop schedule/request.

Routine Immersions

For EveryBody
Time: 2-4 Hours
Focus:  Fun, Community, and Embodiment of Nia Routine Materials
Intent:  To leave the workshop with the basic 52 Move Choreography of  a Nia Routine, the ability to more easily take the class, create opportunities to relax and have fun and/or intensify and condition the body.

For White Belt Graduates
Time:4-6 Hours
Focus: Fun, Community, Learn to Teach a Nia Routine “loose”
Intent: To leave the workshop with the ability to Teach a Nia Routine “loose” and to embody, learn the Nia Routine Choreography and to review fully dressed bars.

Most teachers are able to teach just after this workshop and typically they are followed by a Community JAM of those who participated in the workshop.

Fully Dressed Bars are usually offered and tips and tricks for further learning.

Mastery Weekends

Time:  2.5 – 3 days
For Teachers of any belt level who are seeking mastery of teaching.  No prerequisite or teaching experience is required.  However a high level of desire and passion for the science, craft and art of teaching.

In this weekend you will be filmed and provided tools and feedback on your teaching abilities in a fun, yet focused environment. You will be teaching to the public, a speciality for first time teachers.

Black Belt Preparation Weekend

Time 2.5 – 3 Days
Focus: Embodiment and Mastery of the 36 Principles

Very Intense, yet light full dip into review and embodiment of the Principles of the White Belt, Blue Belt, and the Brown Belt.  Arrive at your Black Belt with confidence and mastery.

Nia – A lifestyle Practice

Time: Can vary based on situation, but typically 2-6 hours.
Intent:  To more fully immerse in the Nia Principles from a Lifestyle perspective. 

This workshop leaves you with a better comprehension of how Nia Principles can be incorporated into your everyday life. Ideally you will leave with a plan for taking the Nia Class experience sensation into your life.

FreeDance – Stimulating Movement Creativity

Time:2-6 hours
Focus:  An explosion of Nia White Belt Principle #4
Intent: To get you out of your movement habits and to fully dive into the FreeDance experience.  Learn more about your hesitation or frustration with the Stages and move into a sensory experience of NewNess in your body.  Very light, very fun, and most definitely community oriented.

“My Nia Business”

Time: 2-8 or two days
Focus: Your Nia Business
Intent: To identify your goals and objectives as a Nia Teacher teaching Nia Classes and workshops.

Your have a Nia Business, but it is not Thriving like you would like.  You just got your White Belt and you want to start a Nia Business.  This workshop helps you to identify your desires and create a plan to execute for a successful Nia Business.  This can be tailored for small or large groups.

Contact Loretta with any questions!