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I’d love to assist you on your life journey with Faith, Family, Fitness, Fun, and Friendships. I listen well, recognize the fullness of who you are as a person, and guide you toward finding harmony, clarity and purpose.

I am personally "Taking a Moment" to be with the Five F's. Try to find some Fun in these uncertain times. I look forward to engaging with you again soon.

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Healing Movement

My Nia classes are available at multiple locations in Colorado Springs, CO. Come experience healing and joy through movement.

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The Gratitude Gathering

Join our community where we come together to share in the practice of gratitude. Begin, enhance or explore gratitude with us (it's free).

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"What a gift to be on the receiving end of Loretta’s passionate expertise! I enjoy her relaxed teaching style and her sense of humor. I always leave our conversations feeling refreshed and inspired."

-Genae Lamb

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